About Us

 We are specialized in Multi-Country Research. Since our inception we have worked with clients across the globe & delivered superior quality. We’ve gained experience in a very wide range of research fields, methodologies and technologies. Our geographic coverage across Asia allow our panel to reach millions of panellist. Our Panels are exclusively used for market research purpose. Our passion for discovering the fact behind the data coupled with our best in class infrastructure & our direct local presence across Asia with our data validation officers assures the quality of the data and panel integrity.

eaResponse provides high quality online fieldwork in Asia, Middle East, Africa, USA and Europe. With our online panels you can access over 200k consumers, 14k auto owners, 20k IT professionals, and more than 11k Physicians and 30k mobile users, recruited from a wide variety of local Web-portals and professional sites.

Why Choose Us
  • Panels are in full compliance with ESOMAR and CASRO standards for online research
  • Clients receive real-time fieldwork reporting through online portals
  • Deep profiling and accurate targeting are available
  • Advanced quality control procedures have been implemented, including regular removal of fraudulent panellists
  • Response rates are 30%-40%
We Provide
  • 24x7 Survey programming by all leading programming tools (Confirmit, Decipher, Dimension)
  • Questionnaire translation and localization
  • CAWI, CATI and Phone-to-Web data collection
  • Data processing, coding and cross-tabulation
  • Recruiting your proprietary panels
We can conduct research studies in following countries:
      South Africa
Sectors we cover:
  • Telecommunication
  • Media
  • Financial/Insurance
  • Food & Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals & Health
  • Apparels
  • Entertainment & Leisure
  • Tobacco
  • Airline/ Transport
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Government Sector
  • Mom with Kids
  • Education
  • Mining
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Retail
  • IT
  • Sports & Culture
  • Beauty & Style





Total Panel Count

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Online Panel Management

  • eaResponse conducts online research fieldwork by helping Clients in building online panels and communities.
  • We invite and recruit members of the public/B2B professionals and physicians/ healthcare professionals to join our Online Panel and conduct surveys over the internet.
  • As a Panel member, you have the opportunity to influence various arenas.
  • From time-to-time, you may be randomly selected to provide your opinions and insights on different services, policies, products and ideas.
  • We constantly have recruitment campaigns for online surveys.
  • If you live in one of the countries we cover and would like to join our Online Survey Panel, please click join our panel. If your country is not listed, then please check back at a later time.

Survey Programming

  • We guarantee and maintain excellent quality for all surveys.
  • Our programmers are certified in each tool which makes us to deliver projects quickly in great quality, programmers are well experienced to provide great solution regrading custom setups and brain twisting logic.
  • We provide programming on any tool. Major tools used are Confirmit, Decipher and Dimension

Data Processing

  • Data validation and Data tabulation is done with speed and quality
  • We provide tables as per Client’s needs like Excel, PowerPoint and Word


  • We provide translations for XMLs and questionnaires in any language.
  • Translations are done by qualified Translators.
  • Integrity of the questionnaire is guaranteed.


eaResponse offers a full range of market research fieldwork services and used both qualitative and quantitative techniques to provide research solutions that add strategic values.

Quantitative Market Research

We have offered and conducted in past a broad range of business and consumer research experience across all sectors and our applications include tracking customer satisfaction levels, identifying factors that drive customer loyalty, understanding relationships/engagements and all forms of ad-hoc research into brands, products and services.
Good quantitative research is very important to get respondents insight and which will helps our client to get their findings and also helps to meet their objective
  • Online telephonic surveys
  • Computer aided telephonic interviews ( CATI )
  • Telephone interviews
  • Mail surveys
  • Face to Face interviews
  • Mall Intercepts
  • Computer aided personal interviews
  • Diary Studies

Qualitative Market Research

Our qualitative services comprise a full range of centrally located state of art of facilities well equipped with real time video streaming cameras and various in-store methodologies.
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Triads/Dyads
  • Extended Creativity Groups
  • In-Depth interviews
  • Online Depth Interviews
  • Online Focus Group Discussions
  • Ethnographic Approaches
  • Website usability testing

Healthcare Market Research

When it comes to healthcare, we are an agency specialized in healthcare market research data collection and high quality recruitments. our team has more than 6 years experience in conducting Health care studies and experience spans both qualitative and quantitative studies, which helps us to provide quality data to domestic and international clients.
We cover almost all medical specialties. For international studies we work closely with clients and agencies in many countries. Our Fieldwork healthcare capabilities and expertise.
  • Recruitments
  • Face to Face in-depth interviews, In clinic
  • Tele - Indepth interviews
  • Moderations
  • Simultaneous translations
  • Transcriptions
We offers the largest verified, opted-in physician panel in the industry based on physicians to allied healthcare professionals.


  • All Our Panel members voluntarily and actively indicate that they wish to be on the eaResponse panel.
  • A double opt-in recruitment process is used. This procedure requires the respondent to initiate an approach to eaResponse, we then reply confirming the panel details and double check that the respondent is who they seem to be and that they do wish to join. The respondent then replies to complete the double opt-in and joins the panel. In the event that we already have email addresses for potential panelists, we would start with an email from us followed by the panel member replying or visiting our web site to enroll.
  • eaResponse retains documentary proof (either hard copy or electronic) of each panel member’s agreement to join the panel. Including from what type of source their name and e-mail address was obtained including, where relevant, the web site from which they were invited to join the panel. Respondents who have been actively recruited through a traditional sampling approach and invited to join the panel are identified. An overall analysis of type of recruitment source for the active panel or for any sample drawn from it is available.
  • eaResponse has documented procedures for checking that new panel members are not already panel members and thereby avoid duplication in the panel.
  • On recruitment all panel members provide a set of basic descriptive information about themselves in order that the representation of the panel can be assessed and that targeted or stratified sample can be drawn. The variables collected all have valuable roles in strategies to avoid duplication or clarify individual identity, stratification of samples for research projects, and weighting strategies to counter heavy user bias.

Contact Us

  •   Sun Mill Compound, 210, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013
  •   Info@earesponse.com

  •   (022)-23697859